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Reliance Laundry Equipment Rental

A market leader in the supply and service of commercial laundry equipment throughout Ireland. For 2021 we are pleased to offer a new laundry equipment Rental service. We are Irelands leading supplier of Commercial Hygiene Washers!

  • Strategically placed to service the entire country

  • In-house Engineers; specialising in installing and maintaining commercial Laundry equipment

  • Complete range of the highest quality products, from leading manufacturers

  • Offers exceptional value for money and professional advice on all your Laundry equipment needs

  • Offers free Site Survey and Consultation

  • Customers include Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Government Buildings, Hotels, B&B’s, Hostels, Restaurants, Cafes

  • Washers, Dryers, Coin operated, Rotary Irons, Finishing equipment, Gas & Electric

  • Sales and Rental. Learn more about our Rental offerings on page 2

We only rent the best equipment the market has to offer

Rental of commercial laundry equipment is becoming more popular than ever. Clients feedback says it frees up capital and gives them peace of mind as they have no unexpected bills.

Reliance Laundry Equipment Rental offer fixed monthly payment plans, including machine installation, servicing, and maintenance. This allows businesses to plan out their monthly financial commitments, as well as spreading the VAT liability.

There is no capital outlay and no deposit or lump sum to pay upfront, making this as easy on your business’s finances as possible.

For as long as you pay for the machine rental, we will guarantee it. Whether that means replacement parts or replacement machines

No long-term contract. No need to change the equipment. No hassle.

Benefits of Renting Laundry Equipment:


Reliance Laundry Equipment Rental take the residual and operating risk.


Reliance Laundry Equipment Rental takes the risk of falling depreciation, resale value, and maintenance of the equipment


‘Off-balance sheet’ financing: Allows capital to be freed up from nonincome earning assets. Improved balance sheet ratios (ROE).


Equipment costs move from variable to fixed: Ease of budgeting and forecasting. Matches finance expenses to asset economic life and usage.


A complete service package: Rental and maintenance with one monthly invoice covering all aspects of equipment expenditure.


100% financing: No equity or initial deposit is normally required


Cost-effectiveness and control of operating costs: Customers can avail of Reliance Laundry Equipment’s purchasing power and economies of scale.

Electrolux Line 6000 Commercial Washers

Every laundry is different, for this reason Electrolux Professional offers an extensive range of commercial washers designed so thoughtfully that every step is easy. The new Line 6000 commercial washers are designed for the lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption. Most of all, they are designed to offer the best user experience.


Having top of the range commerical hgygiene laundry equipment has never been so important and now the purchase or rental of Market leading Laundry equipment has never been as easy. Let us become a part of your laundry Team!