Business Opportunity

Business opportunity

Start Your Own Wet Cleaning Business

Wet cleaning is the future of cleaning garments. Reliance Laundry Equipment partner with the Lagoon wet cleaning system by Electrolux Professional. This is the result of long-term innovative collaboration with the textile industry and the garment care business and is the first and only professional wet cleaning system approved by Woolmark. It is the green alternative to traditional professional cleaning methods and you have the opportunity to get in at an early stage.

You may already have an existing dry cleaning business or are looking for a new profitable business opportunity. This isn’t a franchise; you don’t pay just for the privilege of using a world famous brand name. Reliance Laundry Equipment will provide all you need to start your own wet cleaning business to provide environmentally friendly and cost effective cleaning services to customers throughout your target region.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind business opportunity that is low on risk and high on reward, then the Lagoon wet cleaning system is an obvious choice.

  • If you are in a position to invest, this is probably one of the most profitable and safest business opportunities you will find.

  • Professional garment cleaning has one of the highest success rates of all new businesses.

  • Wet cleaning eliminates the need for dangerous solvents commonly used in traditional ‘dry cleaning’. Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, wet cleaning represents the future of garment care.

  • As well as having low start-up costs and low overheads, there are no environmental permits needed to start up your wet cleaning business.

  • There is the potential for a solid, long-term business opportunity with regular clientele that appreciate the exceptional level of cleaning wet cleaning provides.

  • We will provide you with the machines you need, planning, training and marketing support, as well as continuous follow-up care, to secure you future growth and expansion.

  • All textiles cleaned by the wet cleaning system will appear to be regenerated and are ensured a longer life and superior condition.

You will be able to start your Reliance Laundry Equipment Lagoon shop anywhere, without need for environmental permissions. Choosing the Electrolux Professional Lagoon wet cleaning system from Reliance Laundry Equipment provides you with a turnkey solution with an extremely short time to market.

In addition, your business will enjoy the premium brand recognition that Electrolux enjoys.

We carry out a full site and workflow survey to determine your equipment needs; the size and layout of the machines. You will have all the necessary information at your disposal from the very start.

For more information please contact us to arrange an appointment on 086 0883634 or e-mail us